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Earn up to 50€ for every issue you find. Can’t find any bugs? No problem. You can also be paid for rating apps.

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Easily work from home or from your favorite place. Work the hours that make sense for you.

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Be the first to see the latest apps from top companies and cool start-ups.

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You get paid from the first day when you find bugs. The more issues you find the more you get payed

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Receive more work and projects for your skills. Earn while you learn. Climb the ladder and earn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn?

You will be get payed by the work done. You earn more money for more critical bugs — up to 50€ for the most important bugs. You can also earn guaranteed money by reviewing apps or completing scripted test cases.

Contact us for more info: [email protected]

When/how do I get paid?

What devices do I need to test?

What happens if I can’t accept an invitation?

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